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Backyard chickens

If course the chickens need to be in a coop and this need to be fortified to ensure that the predators such as racoons and cats don t eat away the flock. Housing Building your own chicken coop is relatively inexpensive and you don t really need a loan for doing it. Simply build a box shaped chicken coop with a strong wire mesh all around to prevent the predator s form getting inside. 

Listed below is a short description of each of disease Mite infestation in the flock The mite infestation can be severe and can otherwise kill a healthy chicken in 3 days flat. Look at the bottom of the chicken, where the egg comes out. If this area is dark in color and seems to be moving, then you probably have a case of mite infection. 

Do not expect people knocking at your door asking if there are any eggs to buy without knowing that you are willing to sell. The best thing to do is to hang a visible sign announcing that you are selling eggs. It is also very important to amend this sign with two other signs. The first sign is a fixed one showing the people how they can contact you if they want to buy eggs. 

Laying too many eggs is not good, because it makes the hens more stressed and more prone to diseases. When the heat settles down to normal, the laying of eggs will continue at its normal pace. Chicken sickness comes with some signs and symptoms such as teary eyes, depression, weight loss, sneezing and mites. 

Make sure that the feeders and water dispensers are sufficient for the number of chickens you have. Also, it is best to install items with top filling because it will be easier for you to use these. They are also more durable. When it comes to lighting, you should know that raising chickens for eggs is done according to a specific scheme for lighting, which is to be used every day. 

On the other hand, if your intention is to collect eggs from your chickens, then you should go for the breeds that are known for laying a good quantity of eggs on regular basis. There are several breeds that are able to lay eggs every day for around 300 days, after they reach maturity. This means that you will be able to cover all your needs for eggs from your coop.