Raising Chickens Videos

Chicken Egg Hatching In An Incubator

For instance, if you are raising 3 chicks, having 30 square feet of land will be enough for them to roam and grow. Feed: Give them the best foods and supplements, since health matters! If you are quite new to chicken farming and you do not know what food to provide, it is better to give them chicken feed that you can get from the local store. 

When they are used to you handling them they will not scurry off in a fright when you have to go into the coop for any reason. This will make it easier for you to collect eggs, put in feed water and pet them. First of all, you will need to make sure that you have prepared the coop to receive your chicks. 

To ensure a lifetime supply of chicken and eggs without having to run to the market to buy them every time, you can start your own homebred chicken farm. Well, doing this is simple. All you would need is a clean box with plenty of light and air. Then, build your own pen and ensure that you clean the droppings every day. 

Oyster shells do not help chicks, so do not give these to them. This is all that you will be required to do. Do not be over enthusiastic to see the growth of the chickens. Not all breeds are known to grow fast, so let the process go naturally. Over time, the chickens become full-grown birds with more meat. 

Ensure that you don t drench their feathers since they can get chilled very easily. Also elevating the waterer on a slab will prevent the chicks from getting wet and soiling the coop too. After the initial days are over, you can handle the chicks and socialize with them. Allow them to hop over your hand and introduce all the family members to the new chickens. 

In the mean time, it provides a good support to the eggs and fervent them from cracking. Make sure that you change that bedding periodically and check them for dampness. Changing the bedding and cleaning the nest from inside will help preserving the health of your hens. Hens always use their beaks to pick the wood or any object around them, this may cause the splitting of some wood chips and that may hurt the chicken.