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There are three important factors that you need to keep in your consideration when you are starting your hobby or project of hen breasting. First is the light, lighting the coop in the morning is not necessary but, at night, you may need to keep the light on as they need to eat and they won t eat with the lights off. 

People who are raising chickens only as a pastime and for getting entertained can opt for any variety. It is good to purchase chicks from reputed commercial hatcheries and not from the local stores. When a person becomes more experienced, he can opt for fertilized eggs and incubate them at home. Brooders need to be present to keep the new-born chicks warm and cozy. 

With the advancement of modern technology and the greater availability of chicks, anyone with zeal to raise chickens can get started easily. You need abundant energy, entrepreneurial spirit and a good amount of enthusiasm to be successful. Begin by arranging a place for the chickens. You must make sure that you have the space that is necessary. 

Oyster shells do not help chicks, so do not give these to them. This is all that you will be required to do. Do not be over enthusiastic to see the growth of the chickens. Not all breeds are known to grow fast, so let the process go naturally. Over time, the chickens become full-grown birds with more meat. 

But people who live on farms often kill their own chickens for meat. You have a regular and a growing income source now.Now is your time to prove your detractors wrong. Recession or no recession, you are in business and earning good money. You still have money coming in by selling your chickens and eggs. 

This is necessary because unhygienic and dirty mixture of droppings and muddy water occurs due to inadequate drainage. There is a great possibility of the chickens ingesting this polluted water. This can cause heath disorders, fatal diseases and reduction in egg production. If there is ample water supply available nearby, a person can provide convenient water supply through piping automatically.