Raising Chickens Videos

Clipping chicken wings the easy, painless way.

To build a coop, you have to spend a few bucks on materials and tools and get constructions plans. Building a coop will not provide shelter from the elements only. It will protect the chickens from becoming prey to predators. It is undoubtedly simpler to raise free range chickens, once you make a large open enclosure next to the coop. 

Always check your nesting houses every month and see if there are any splinted wood. Breading hens in your back yard will provide you with adequate amount of eggs all over the year but, you need to maintain the health of your hens in order to keep them laying eggs on constant basis. Investing in good quality nesting boxes will help promoting the welfare of your birds so, do not go for the cheapest material in the market but, make sure that you get the best materials that you can afford. 

Increase the bedding inside the coop to protect the chickens from the cold ground. Ensure there is plenty of straw in their nesting boxes. Make sure that you are using electric water heaters to keep the air as well as the water warm. Add a heating lamp with enough heating capacity to make the coop warm in the winter. 

Make sure that the feeders and water dispensers are sufficient for the number of chickens you have. Also, it is best to install items with top filling because it will be easier for you to use these. They are also more durable. When it comes to lighting, you should know that raising chickens for eggs is done according to a specific scheme for lighting, which is to be used every day. 

Normally, these feeds come prepared with vitamins being well mixed in good proportions. There will be no need to add anything else. Keep a good supply of this feed always handy. Whenever your stocks are running low, purchase more supplies. In this way, you will be able to maintain consistency in the provision of food. 

Firstly, fix up the place where you want your chickens to be raised. At home, this could be a small pen or coop. You can build one yourself with a little help from the local hardware shop. You would need fine wire mesh, two electric lamps of at least 100 watts and some old newspapers. You can make a crate out of the mesh, but a proper coop would be best as it would protect them from rain and cold as well as heat.