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Complete Guide to Homestead Chickens

Usually commercial feeds are lacking in this and this needs to be supplemented by chicken breeding farms. The vitamin is usually found in dairy products, yeast; cod liver oil and lots of green leafy vegetables. Vitamin E This vitamin is essential for the chickens as it helps them to protect against diseases and raises their immunity levels as well. 

Some breeds are known for their high meat production, while others are for egg production, so make sure that you ask an expert to find the most suitable breed for your needs. It is also advisable to choose a breed that could live in your climate. For example, if you live in a cold region, then it is very important to stay away from the breeds that live in hot weather. 

Also, since the eggs are laid in any place that the hens find convenient, it becomes awkward and time-consuming for the farmers to collect the eggs. There is the constant threat of the chickens being attacked by predators too. When the chickens run free, predator birds like hawks pose a significant risk to these helpless creatures. 

Soon the chicks grow up into bigger chickens and you will have to substitute the starter feed with normal chicken feed. You can also make your own chicken feed at home. Whole wheat and maize grains are nutritious and good for the birds. You might say that farming chickens involves weeks of patience and a lot of hard work. 

This is the reason why bio-security is so important for ensuring healthy chickens. The initial indicators of this fatal disease are ruffled feathers in previously healthy chickens. Then diarrhea occurs along with blood or clear fluids oozing from the chicken s mouth. Once any of these symptoms has already occurred, the bird dies within 96 hours. 

Switch on the lamps the moment the chicks are in. The heat will help them with the feathering process. Do not switch off the lamps until the chicks are about 7-8 weeks old. Even then, they will need the heat from the lamps. Feed the chicks with the starter feed that is recommended by the hatcheries. The feed is normally available in powder form and in pellet packs.