Raising Chickens Videos

Growing Chickens for Egg Production in the Philippines

Some people raise chickens just for fun and to make use of their eggs and meat from time to time while others will do this on a wider scale and turn it into a very profitable business. One of the very important remarks on this type of hens and their egg is that their tastes change from one coop to another or from one breeder to another. 

Nutritious Diet to Raise Chickens Successfully One of the most important components of raising chickens is a proper diet. Food changes at every stage of the birds life. At chick stage, when the babies are 1-6 days old, the starter feed is different. This comprises mainly of mashed and powdered feed. Grains and cereals broken up and mixed with a variety of vitamins and proteins make the starter feed. 

Next you can consider building a chicken coop. Like humans, the chicks also need a living space in which to stay safe from the elements. Building a small chicken coop will help you keep the roosters and hens safely. To build a coop, you have to spend a few bucks on materials and tools and get constructions plans. 

Still, most chicks prefer picking on their feed. That is why pellets work best. When the birds are older you can start mixing vitamin supplements. This helps them ward off diseases. There are several antibiotics available too, but do seek expert advice before using them. As the birds grow, it s important to move them to a larger area until they become full size chickens. 

To avoid it, make sure that the chicks take enough water throughout the day. Here is some advice and tips on the possible ways to protect the chicks during the summer: * Ensure that you supply enough water without any impurities. * Keep refilling the water dispenser. * Wash the waterers regularly. * Provide the chickens with sufficient air supply and ensure proper ventilation, so that the chicks will feel better during the hot weather. 

Check out the steps that give you an idea on how to raise chickens successfully: Choose carefully the breed you wish to raise: Practically speaking, there are more than a hundred chicken breeds. Thus, you might be a little puzzled when making your choice of breed. To avoid this, first examine what you want to get from raising chickens.