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How Much Work Is It To Raise 184 Ducks & Chickens My Morning Routine #21 Raising Ducks Day 29

You must have access to a good source of water. Buy a water jet with adequate piping to wash the brooder or box where the chickens are kept. Water is the best medium when it comes to cleanliness. It also helps in removing dirt and sticky droppings. A number of diseases can be prevented if you can devote some time to cleaning the chicken brooder. 

The question on the vitamins and proteins mix will remain, however. Crush the vitamin tablets with some sugar to make a powder. Up next, add it to the water in the water tray, and you are done! Over time, you will find that the feed has been well absorbed in the birds system and they are growing up to be healthy birds. 

* Provide the chickens with sufficient air supply and ensure proper ventilation, so that the chicks will feel better during the hot weather. Due to excessive heat, the chicks will lay more eggs. Laying too many eggs is not good, because it makes the hens more stressed and more prone to diseases. When the heat settles down to normal, the laying of eggs will continue at its normal pace. 

Raising Chickens - Feeding Dos & Don'ts When you start raising chickens in your backyard, you should have enough information on how to feed them. Otherwise, you will find that you are spending a lot on food and that you are not getting any return from it. Before you start breeding chickens, you will have to buy some equipment like feeders and waterers. 

Well, doing this is simple. All you would need is a clean box with plenty of light and air. Then, build your own pen and ensure that you clean the droppings every day. Look after the chicks well, feed them at proper intervals and give them plenty of water. If warmth is an issue, just set up two 200 watts lamps on the top of the box and you are done. 

However the chicken that roam freely on the farm don t require grit as they get their daily share from the grass and the pebbles that are present on the farm itself. Chickens also have a requirement for the vitamin uptake as well. Vitamin D Vitamin D is crucial for the hens. Of course the chickens can absorb plenty of Vitamin D from the sun, if not then you would need to add the Vitamin in their food intake.