Raising Chickens Videos

How to raise baby chickens/chicks. Living off the land.

Sharing a common interest or hobby can be a great way to make friends and increase your social circle. Quality time can be spent with people who are as curious and passionate about chickens as you are. You can get great suggestions and tips for providing better care to your chickens. When you face any problem, you can get a good support from these friends. 

The essential purpose of the chick brooder is to keep the chickens warm and protected. It s essential to have the brooder till the time that the chickens can be left outside in the chicken coop. Another point to consider is that the brooder has to be cleaned everyday and that food and water should be readily available to the chicks at all points of time as well. 

After putting the bedding, the coop will be ready to receive your chickens and you should allow them an hour or two inside the coop then check the whole coop. it is very important to see that every part of the coop is connected tightly to the other parts and there is no loose parts or holes that predators can go inside from. 

Coccidiosis What It Is and How to Protect Your Chickens from It Coccidiosis is one of the most dangerous parasitic diseases. Hence, you should do what it takes to protect your chickens from this protozoan disease. This disease afflicts not only chickens. Other birds like ducks, geese, and turkeys are prone to it as well. 

The coop can be built in a simple manner, keeping in mind the most important aspects. The fundamental criteria regarding the size, ventilation, design, flooring and amenities of the chicken coop must be met. People who can construct simple structures can make one of these coops at home. Others will need to order a coop, equipped with all facilities. 

Thus, you might be a little puzzled when making your choice of breed. To avoid this, first examine what you want to get from raising chickens. You can either raise them for eggs, for meat or just for fun. You should select a breed, depending on your needs. In this way, you will get the utmost satisfaction from raising chickens.