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How to Raise Chickens- How I Built My Chicken Coop Step by Step - DIY VLOG

Vaccinations provide active immunity First and foremost, the day old chickens should be vaccinated against a number of common poultry diseases such as Marek s diseases. This produces antibodies in their system and can help the chickens to fight the diseases when they become exposed to the diseases. Getting passive immunity Passive immunity can be passed on from the hen to the egg. 

When chicks are brought from distant places they might be fatigued and slightly stressed. Purchasing vitamin mixes can help in these scenarios to boost their immunity. An optimum temperature needs to be maintained under all climatic conditions for proper growth of the chicks. Chickens, when they grow more mature, should be allowed to roam in the open where there is adequate sunshine, fresh air, plants, shrubs, etc. 

The quantity is dependent on the number of chicks that you have, but a 5 found bag should do well in the beginning. Yu would also need grit and separate bowls for the food and water. Try your neighborhood shops or you can also shop for the things online as well. How to make a warming box for the little chicks A warming box for the little guys is an absolute must. 

Birds that are a couple of years old might also get affected with another similar disease known as Lymphoid Leukosis . Tumors and internal lesions occur, but symptoms, such as paralysis, are not observed. Preventing the birds from being exposed to the Marek s Disease is tough as they might get affected in various ways. 

Choosing an inferior location can result in unproductive and ill chickens. There should be proper drainage around the coop. This is necessary because unhygienic and dirty mixture of droppings and muddy water occurs due to inadequate drainage. There is a great possibility of the chickens ingesting this polluted water. 

The first and most important thing you should take care of is the wellbeing of the chicks during cold weather. When the temperatures are low, you should provide heating to the chickens to protect them from getting cold. Still, do not overheat the brooder if you want the birds to remain healthy and active.