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How to Raise Chickens Made Easy - Gathering Eggs - Mini Farm

It is highly advisable to get a heated water dispenser or place a heater under the standard water dispenser. When you are purchasing chicks, make sure that you are getting them sorted out in terms of sex. If you have neighbors nearby, they can be annoyed by roosters crowing in the early morning. Hence, getting hens is a much better idea. 

Licenses can be obtained from the state agricultural department or the county agent. In certain places, a separate business license might be necessary for selling eggs. One can go to the county clerk s office to find out more details. If this does not work, you can get in touch with a veterinarian dealing with livestock. 

Just gently wipe the place clean, and your chicks will be all clean. Thirdly, place the chicks in the coop, but only if the weather is hot. If it is not they will need to be started off in a warm box or brooder. Generally, you should buy chicks based on the size of your coop. Ideally you can start with around five to seven chicks. 

Feed, water and light supplementation These three factors are the main determinant for a good production of chicken meat and eggs. The hen needs light in order to start eating and needs constant amount of feed in a clear place in order to eat constantly and needs a good amount of water in order to keep eating. 

Only certain healthy birds are able to make it through the chill of the night when the temperature falls below zero degrees Celsius. A similar scenario arises in case of extreme heat. There is acute shortage of water and minimum air movement, and only certain breeds succeed in coping with these stringent conditions. 

Of course, you can raise chickens in your backyard. Backyards are great for raising chickens because they can peck at the grass and eat slugs and snails. Ensure that the place is well protected from all other pets in the home and that there are no rodents and pests around. To start with, build a pen with wire netting fencing.