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this is possible when you know what the strains that you will breed are and how many chicken you will get. Always make sure that the chicken coop has an extra space for future expansions or you will need to dismantle it and reconstruct it once more in a new place or in a new direction. After deciding which strains you will get and what the amount is, you can start building your chicken coop and put your hens in it. 

In the mean time, it provides a good support to the eggs and fervent them from cracking. Make sure that you change that bedding periodically and check them for dampness. Changing the bedding and cleaning the nest from inside will help preserving the health of your hens. Hens always use their beaks to pick the wood or any object around them, this may cause the splitting of some wood chips and that may hurt the chicken. 

Water tends to get frozen in the winter, so you should use the heated type of water dispensers, or use a water dispenser heater beneath the standard dispensers. It is also very important to make sure that there is no spilled water inside the coop or the chickens will catch a cold easily. If you detect any spilled water, change the bedding instantly and provide extra heat inside the coop. 

How to Prevent Diseases In Chickens There are various ways in which prevention of diseases can be done in chickens. Vaccinations provide active immunity First and foremost, the day old chickens should be vaccinated against a number of common poultry diseases such as Marek s diseases. This produces antibodies in their system and can help the chickens to fight the diseases when they become exposed to the diseases. 

If you are after the hobby, then you may want to visit the pet store to find out more about the breeds that are more playful and friendly. You will find a lot of information about the shape and the size of chicken, which are raised as pets. If you are looking for chickens that produce meat, there are specific types that you should look into. 

Wind drafts are the first enemy of chicken flocks. Make sure that you are covering the coop with good insulation. This is the first line of defence against cold weather. Increase the bedding inside the coop to protect the chickens from the cold ground. Ensure there is plenty of straw in their nesting boxes.