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How to Raise Chickens: Some Questions and Answers

First of all, you need to make sure that the coop is well protected from the wind drafts. Wind drafts are the first enemy of chicken flocks. Make sure that you are covering the coop with good insulation. This is the first line of defence against cold weather. Increase the bedding inside the coop to protect the chickens from the cold ground. 

However you would have to make sure that dolomite limestone isn t fed to the hens and the chickens, as it can be harmful for them. Salt Usually some amounts of salt is present in the commercial poultry feed that is given to the chickens. Therefore the chickens don t really require the salt intake. Occasional treats can also contain some amount of salt intake. 

If you ensure proper health with the correct diet, supplements and medicines for the chickens, they will look healthy and beautiful. There are various poultry clubs which have opened in different places. These cater to the different needs of poultry owners. When you get eggs of good quality from your hens, you will feel elated. 

When your first intention is to harvest a good amount of meat, then you should go for these breeds. They are able to provide you with fresh and delicious chicken meat on regular basis. On the other hand, if your intention is to collect eggs from your chickens, then you should go for the breeds that are known for laying a good quantity of eggs on regular basis. 

Always make sure that your chickens have enough food and water, or they will get sick easily. Finally, you should decide carefully on the number of chickens you are going to raise, or you will end up with piles of eggs that you do not need. If you are not considering selling the excess eggs, then 3 to 5 hens would be enough for family egg supply. 

It is naturally existent in certain foods like yoghurt. But the most effective method of giving this probiotic to chickens is either through powder mixed with water or through a suitable liquid medium. Also, along with the provision of probiotics, certain other mineral supplements and vitamins should also be provided to the chickens.