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How to Raise Egg-Laying Chickens

If you have bought the chicks from a hatchery, then you could try a bag of medicated and then switch over to non-medicated. If you have hatched the chickens in your own incubator, the option is completely yours. When the chicks are just a day old, use small feeders, but ensure that they aren t made of Styrofoam. 

No matter whether you want eggs or meat primarily, you can choose a breed that matches your requirements. Besides, no matter whether you are to grow the hens for eggs or for meat, the existence of a rooster is quite essential for the chickens to breed. Also, check whether you are allowed to raise chickens in your area. 

Brooders need to be present to keep the new-born chicks warm and cozy. The brooder should be kept in a place devoid of drafts and guarded prom predators. When chicks are brought from distant places they might be fatigued and slightly stressed. Purchasing vitamin mixes can help in these scenarios to boost their immunity. 

There are a few stressful periods in a bird s life, like breeding and showing. During these times the birds are more susceptible to various diseases. To take care of the chickens during these times, the use of probiotics is suggested for reduce the level of susceptibility to diseases. During breeding periods, hens tend to intake more water. 

When you do this, you should make sure that the heating lamp is not very strong. Another important thing that you should do is to make sure that there is enough LIQUID water for your chickens to drink. Water tends to get frozen in the winter, so you should use the heated type of water dispensers, or use a water dispenser heater beneath the standard dispensers. 

Although this material can be used to produce great fertilizers, walking becomes a problem. Also, since the eggs are laid in any place that the hens find convenient, it becomes awkward and time-consuming for the farmers to collect the eggs. There is the constant threat of the chickens being attacked by predators too.