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How to raise Meat Chickens

If the bird has been infected with a very small amount of oocysts, there is a possibility for it to combat the infection and build up its immune strength. In order to protect your chicken from this Cocci menace, it is important to keep the floor of the coop clean at all times. Although rampant cocci outbreaks can be reduced by this method, it is certainly not full-proof. 

Fear is another major factor for stress in chickens. There are two basic instincts observed in any animal when it is under stress - fight or flight. Because of their genetic coding, chickens use the second method whenever they sense any imminent danger. Chickens are quite vulnerable to stress, so you have to take measures to prevent this condition. 

Once you have the go ahead on all issues, get the chicken from a reputable hatchery or you can order them from an online hatchery too. Usually the hatcheries ship the spring batches since the winter months can be extremely cold for the new chicks to travel. Most of the online hatcheries will only accept orders for 25-50 chickens. 

Housing Building your own chicken coop is relatively inexpensive and you don t really need a loan for doing it. Simply build a box shaped chicken coop with a strong wire mesh all around to prevent the predator s form getting inside. Also your bigger chickens need ample space else it would lead to stress in the chickens as well as cannibalism and low egg rates. 

This way, the chicks will remain clean as well as protected from droppings related diseases. As the chicks grow into chickens, you need to move them into a larger pen and provide them with normal feed. Most commercial chicken feed has all the extra vitamins in it that the hens will need. If you have a public garbage dump nearby, do not allow your chickens to move beyond your house. 

Once the tiny birds are in, ensure that they receive all the heat and warmth that they need. This is necessary for their feathering. Install two high power lamps directly on top of the pen to provide the heat. Feeding the birds is not an issue if you get the right starter feed. It is available from the hatcheries along with instructions for feeding.