Raising Chickens Videos

How we raise chickens

It is a very good idea to make a door in the back of the nests to facilitate egg collection. Collecting eggs through this door will decrease the times you need to enter the coop and that will decrease the disturbance of your hens. Collecting eggs from the outside is much better solution especially if you have large number of hens in one coop. 

The pen or coop that you will be building must meet all of these requirements. You cannot afford to miss on one. All of the above points are equally important. To ensure that your chickens get all of the above, you will either need a sturdy cardboard box or a wooden box. Always go for a wire netted enclosure. 

Before you start, you should learn to care for your hens. The process starts with determining the needed amount of space inside the coop. this is possible when you know what the strains that you will breed are and how many chicken you will get. Always make sure that the chicken coop has an extra space for future expansions or you will need to dismantle it and reconstruct it once more in a new place or in a new direction. 

When someone needs smaller or larger egg he or she should give you a note upfront and that will help you pick the required size and amount of eggs. Also it is very important to choose the clean eggs. Buyers may accept a little spot on the shell but, you should do your best to choose the clean eggs to display for your customers and save the others for your household usage. 

The chickens that you would be rearing would be giving you your supply of eggs all year round. In fact, if you have a surplus, you can put up a small board announcing that you have eggs for sale. In this way, you will have eggs for yourself and money for your extra savings. A regular supply of delicious chicken. 

That is why pellets work best. When the birds are older you can start mixing vitamin supplements. This helps them ward off diseases. There are several antibiotics available too, but do seek expert advice before using them. As the birds grow, it s important to move them to a larger area until they become full size chickens.