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Raising Backyard Chickens

Building a coop will not provide shelter from the elements only. It will protect the chickens from becoming prey to predators. It is undoubtedly simpler to raise free range chickens, once you make a large open enclosure next to the coop. Providing an area to the birds to roam and observing their growth day by day, will result in good egg and meat yield. 

Rodents and other animals cannot get into these wired boxes. You can hang two powerful lamps about 3 inches from the coop top. Switch on the lamps the moment the chicks are in. The heat will help them with the feathering process. Do not switch off the lamps until the chicks are about 7-8 weeks old. Even then, they will need the heat from the lamps. 

The lamps should be at some distance to provide the heat that is required. In tropical countries, this is not always necessary, but in the moderate climate zones, artificial heat is necessary. As for the droppings, just keep replacing the newspapers every day, and wash the bottom mesh clean. This way, the chicks will remain clean as well as protected from droppings related diseases. 

Once the tiny birds are in, ensure that they receive all the heat and warmth that they need. This is necessary for their feathering. Install two high power lamps directly on top of the pen to provide the heat. Feeding the birds is not an issue if you get the right starter feed. It is available from the hatcheries along with instructions for feeding. 

Raising Chickens - Feeding Dos & Don'ts When you start raising chickens in your backyard, you should have enough information on how to feed them. Otherwise, you will find that you are spending a lot on food and that you are not getting any return from it. Before you start breeding chickens, you will have to buy some equipment like feeders and waterers. 

If there is ample water supply available nearby, a person can provide convenient water supply through piping automatically. This would eliminate the necessity of providing fresh water daily. Novices make a mistake by not providing adequate light to the chickens. The chickens should remain exposed to sunlight for a minimum of 14 hours a day.