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Raising Chickens: Making a Brooder and Raising Baby Chicks

But the most effective method of giving this probiotic to chickens is either through powder mixed with water or through a suitable liquid medium. Also, along with the provision of probiotics, certain other mineral supplements and vitamins should also be provided to the chickens. There are a few stressful periods in a bird s life, like breeding and showing. 

If you ensure proper health with the correct diet, supplements and medicines for the chickens, they will look healthy and beautiful. There are various poultry clubs which have opened in different places. These cater to the different needs of poultry owners. When you get eggs of good quality from your hens, you will feel elated. 

All of the supplies can be easily purchased from a pet shop or shops that specialize in poultry supplies. The food should be started feed and according to the breed of the chicken. The shop can also assist you with the feeding quantity depending on the number of chickens that you purchase. Taking them out The chicks should be kept extremely safe. 

Building a coop that has enough area for them and keeps them warm as well Remember that chicks can t be kept at home and they require their own coop. Ideally this chicken coop should be round so that there are no corners that can hurt the chickens. Even a small tub would do initially and it should be secured on all sides with a wire mesh. 

A person needs to make preliminary sketches with the positions of the doors, windows, walls, poultry nests, poultry feeders and water containers. By drawing a sketch, you can make an estimate of the amount of various supplies, like wood and wires, which will be required. Important facilities should be placed in strategic locations in the henhouse. 

For this slip your hand under the tummy of the chick and cover the chicken with the other hand. Keeping the chicks warm Baby chicks need a lot of warmth and for this reason; you should also place them in a warm area. Ensure that they have their own box and the temperature is maintained at 90F or at least 32 C.